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5 Essential Skincare Tips To Make Your Skin Look Beautiful

Skincare has always become complicated with every passing year. Our ancestors had amazing skin even when they cared less about it, probably because the environment that they stayed in was less polluted. Adulteration in food and pollutants in the atmosphere today has a direct impact on one’s health and skin. According to reports, more than 50 million Americans face acne issues annually. While nothing remains like the olden days, we need an extra dosage of skincare too. Here are some tips for the new age humans who understand the value of keeping their skin good and healthy. These tips, when included in the everyday routine, make the skin glow and look at it’s best.

  • Skin exfoliation – The first step that needs to be added to your skincare routine is the skin exfoliation. Just like we keep the floor and furniture in the house clean by removing all the dirt and dust from it, it becomes highly essential to remove the dirt and dust from the skin too. Exfoliation removes all the dead skin cells and makes way for the new skin cells to function well. You can use a comedone extractor to fulfil this purpose. If you are someone who exfoliates skin once in a week, you can choose a skin scrubbing machine for it.
  • Blackhead extraction – Blackheads occur when the dirt, dust, oil and dead skin cells seep into the skin pore and solidify, resulting in the formation of black elevations on skin. The blackheads make the skin look dull and filled with blemish and have to be removed with care. One of the painless ways to remove tough blackheads and prevent the new ones from getting formed is using the comedone extraction tool. This tool works on the principle of vacuum and is an amazing pore cleaner. It cleanses the skin and makes it free from all the blackheads.

  • Acne reduction – Acne happens because of both external and internal factors. Externally, acne is caused due to pollutants, oils and other elements that settle on the skin and make it a habitat for bacterial growth. Internally, the causes of acne are unhealthy food that we eat. Acne can be removed by detoxification of the skin. This can happen when you drink a lot of water to flush out toxins. The other way to detoxify the skin is by massaging the face with the comedone extractor. When the device is rolled all over the face, it activates the lymphatic drainage through the skin, and this removes all the toxins in the cell that trigger acne.
  • Steaming – This is one of the most essential skincare treatments that has been followed from the days of the ancestors. The only difference is that they used to steam their face in front of a vessel with steaming water, and we do it with the help of a portable nano steamer. The vapors unclog the pores and make it easy for one to remove all the dead skin cells, dust, dirt and oil from the skin. Even blackhead extraction becomes smooth with steaming. All you have to know is that steaming would show adverse results if it is done more than twice a week and for more than 20 minutes during each session.

  •  Moisturization – Just like how plants need water to remain fresh, all your cells need the right amount of hydration to look glowing. This happens when you sip in water and liquids and also moisturize your skin well. Many complain of skin moisturization not working well for them, and this is because they do know to follow it the right way. You need to choose the right kind of moisturizer that fits your skin. If you have dry skin, you need to choose an oil-based moisturizer, and if your skin is oily, you need to get yourself a water-based moisturizer. This tip is very essential for everyone.

These are the essential tips that you need to follow. Implement them and see how well your skin looks in a month.

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